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Jeff is one half of the vaunted Comedy Central Records duo Joberg & Gurner. They have toured nationally and internationally performing their own original brand of comedy and music. Their material is depraved and shameless, but a delightfully guilty pleasure nonetheless (unless you’re under 18, easily offended, or Joberg & Gurner’s moms.) If Stephen Lynch were being administered an overly-aggressive sponge bath by Tenacious D and The Smothers Brothers while Tom Lehrer filmed it all, it might sound a little something like Joberg & Gurner. The album 'Manhood' is their latest offering, and it's 19 tracks of cleverly irreverent songs. In addition to classics like "The Dirty Sanchez", "Cream Of Wife In My Beard" and "Put An Extra Stitch In Doc", this album features a slew of new tunes such as "Anniversary (Kiss Me Where I Pee)", "Karl Malden (My Sweet Hook Nose)" and the title track "Manhood". The album features full band recordings, ranging in style from Latin to Metal, R&B to Vaudeville and much more.

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An accomplished guitar and bass player, Jeff has toured both nationally and internationally with a multitude of artists and played on dozens of recordings. He has appeared in more productions of “Pump Boys & Dinettes” and “Buddy!” than he can remember, and is currently working on several new projects with various songwriters.