Audiobook Reviews


Narator Jeff Gurner gives a star performance of Suarez's compelling techno-thriller. His accents allow listeners to identify characters who are always engaging, funny, and under control. His pacing is exceptionally good, even in moments of high drama.
—AudioFile Magazine

Francona: The Red Sox Years

Narator Jeff Gurner offers a steady hand throughout a collaboration that has no dull moments. Taking advantage of Shaughnessy's pacing and Francona's honest insight, Gurner's tone projects intense emotions when appropriate, and his narration will help draw in any person interested in what a manager endures - on and off the field.
—AudioFile Magazine

Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi

Jeff Gurner narrates this book as if it were a thriller whose ending is still a mystery. His insistent, clear voice and sometimes breathless pacing accentuate the action and keep the listener interested throughout.
—AudioFile Magazine

The Keep

Jeff Gurner gives a flawless star turn.
—AudioFile Magazine

The Maltese Falcon

Narrator Jeff Gurner provides a distinct classic noir feel to his characterizations of private eye Sam Spade and the convoluted cast of characters.
—Publishers Weekly
Jeff Gurner appropriately channels tough-guy personas, reminiscent of characters played by Humphrey Bogart and Robert Mitchum.
The series standout is Dashiell Hammett’s “The Maltese Falcon”. Jeff Gurner [does] justice to the material, often jumping among gruff men, femme fatales, and foreigners, with ease and skill.
—Library Journal

The Breach

Gurner narrates the fast-moving story in a style that gives the plot credibility. His characterizations of both Chase and his love interest are subtle but effective. His calm reading lends additional horror to the graphic descriptions of violence, providing a gripping listen.
—AudioFile Magazine

Ghost Country

In this sequel to THE BREACH, Jeff Gurner's deep, compelling voice and well-acted presentation are icing on the cake of an adventure that will keep listeners glued to their earphones.Gurner expertly portrays reluctant hero Travis Chase, Paige, and the supporting characters. A great listen.
—AudioFile Magazine
Jeff Gurner, who handled the narration for The Breach, and the excellent FreedomTM, once again is outstanding in Ghost Country.
—The Guilded Earlobe

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Gambit

Jeff Gurner is so effective that the production seems like it has a full cast. The audio enhancements are wonderful, but it’s Gurner's innate skill that carries the production.
—AudioFile Magazine
Jeff Gurner, the voice of all of the Clone Wars audiobooks so far, once again proves himself a master at portraying the whole range of characters in the Star Wars universe.
—The SF Site

Kill Decision

Jeff Gurner gives an excellent performance in his reading of Kill Decision. Gurner read Suarez’s previous thrillers Daemon and Freedom TM, and was ready for the fast paced, non stop action of Kill Decision. Gurner does a solid job with the characterizations but his true talent is pacing the many action scenes in just the right way. When listening to an audiobook, action can sometimes get muddled if the pacing is off, but in Kill Decision this was never a problem. Gurner’s reading allowed the listener to easily visualize the complex action scenes. Kill Decision was another excellent pairing of Suarez and Gurner, and the thriller to watch out for this summer.
—The Guilded Earlobe